In previous posts we reviewed how intermittent fasting, or time-restricted eating, heightens the process of autophagy. Autophagy is derived from the Greek prefix “auto” meaning self, and the Greek word “phagy” meaning eating. Don’t be grossed out but autophagy literally means self-eating! unnamed-1

Autophagy is a fascinating physiologic process in our bodies that is essentially a cellular-cleaning and recycling system. When activated, autophagy cleans up cellular debris, damaged cells and damaged cell components, and also removes cellular waste. It is an intrinsic mechanism for damage repair. I like to think of it as a way to clean the junk from our trunk! Autophagy is an essential process to maintain cellular homeostasis, ensuring a stable, relatively constant internal environment. Continue reading “AUTOPHAGY: ANTIAGING POWERHOUSE”

MITOCHONDRIAL MAKEOVER: HIIT High Intensity Interval Training

Now that we are adjusting our nutrition to reap the wellness benefits of a low-carb, high-fat diet with nutritional ketosis and intermittent fasting, lets move onto exercise!

The antiaging benefits of exercise are legend, so let’s focus on exercise in the context of our mitochondrial makeover discussions. A smart type of exercise to stimulate mitochondrial biogenesis is called HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is an exercise strategy that involves alternating short bursts of intense exercise with brief rest or recovery periods. There are infinite HIIT program options available, and virtually any form of exercise or exercise machine can be utilized within a HIIT program. For example, HIIT can be done using body-weight exercises, treadmills, stationary bikes, jump-rope, swimming or sprinting. HIIT is, by definition, not time consuming and produces and maintains results with just a few short sessions per week. Popular forms of HIIT include: Continue reading “MITOCHONDRIAL MAKEOVER: HIIT High Intensity Interval Training”




WHY NOT: This advice implies that if you are overweight it’s simply because you eat too much and don’t exercise enough. Most people will not effectively burn fat following this advice. We need to eat LESS processed-food and eat MORE healthy-food. We need to exercise MORE efficiently but NOT excessively.

INSTEAD: Eat more nutrient-dense food and avoid processed foods. Focus on high-quality proteins, fats and low-glycemic carbohydrates to balance blood sugar and promote fat burning. Eat Paleo. In addition, promote fat-burning metabolism with short-duration, high-intensity exercise.

Continue reading “NOT so HEALTHY HEALTH tips:”

Anti-Aging Exercise

exercise-with-dumbbells-symbol-hi We all know the risks of a sedentary lifestyle. Inactivity accelerates the aging process. When we are inactive we lose muscle, gain fat, and lose bone. We increase our risk of inflammation, heart disease, dementia, diabetes, and cancer. Our metabolism slows, hormone levels drop, mood sinks, and we become progressively more unhealthy. Continue reading “Anti-Aging Exercise”