Why slow aging?

No matter what your health-related goals, following an anti-aging program will help you achieve success.

With normal aging our risk of degenerative disease increases. Our risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia, osteoporosis, and much more, increases as we age. When we slow the rate of aging we improve our health and decrease the risks of degenerative disease. Anti-aging is synonymous with “anti-diabetes”, “anti-obesity”, “anti-osteoporosis”, “anti-heart disease”, “anti-hypertension”,  even “anti-disease”.  The main goals of an anti-aging program are to improve your health and increase your health span.

Several processes in the body directly accelerate the aging process.  In upcoming blogs, we will review the most common erosive forces and learn what we can do to decrease their detrimental impact on aging. Lifestyle interventions such as healthy diet, smart exercise, stress reduction, nutritional supplements, and bio-identical hormone therapy, directly combat the erosive forces that age us.

Once empowered with this knowledge we can apply our anti-aging program with confidence that we are getting healthier and slowing the rate of aging. Ultimately each component of your anti-aging program becomes easier.  For example, when you apply this knowledge, your diet and exercise programs become  more effective. You feel better. Your energy levels soar. You burn body fat and build muscle. You feel great yet you don’t feel like the diet or exercise programs are too difficult.

How does this happen? It happens because you are working with the body and tapping into the human body’s remarkable repair and rebuild ability. You are diminishing the erosive forces that age us. You are slowing your rate of aging. You are getting healthier.

In my medical practice I frequently see patients that are struggling with a diet or exercise program. They are trying to eat a healthy diet yet are not losing weight or feeling better. Frequently they are exercising, yet not getting stronger or burning body fat. Despite persevering with their diet and exercise programs, they get frustrated at the lack of positive results.

When we base our diet and exercise program on slowing down the erosive forces that age us, we start getting results. When we get results the program becomes self-motivating and we continue with it until it eventually becomes a lifestyle. Ultimately, it becomes a lifestyle that we can maintain indefinitely.

Much diet and exercise advice available actually accelerates the aging process. For example, many groups advocate a low fat, high carbohydrate diet. People are counting calories, cutting fat, making sacrifices, yet are GAINING weight and feeling poorly. This happens because a low fat, high carbohydrate diet fuels several of the erosive forces that age us.

Another problem seen frequently is utilizing an ineffective exercise program. People are using exercise programs that advocate long duration aerobic exercise, and  often follow the “more is better” approach. Unfortunately, this type of exercise can actually increase the rate of aging. When we increase the rate of aging, we lose muscle, lose bone and gain fat. Clearly not the results we are looking for with healthy aging. Combine a low fat, high carbohydrate diet with an excessive aerobic exercise program and you accelerate the aging process  even further.

When we learn specifics about what ages us, we can modify our diet, exercise, supplements, stress reduction and hormone balance, to be congruent with healthy aging. When our lifestyle programs are congruent with healthy aging, we get optimal results.

This knowledge is empowering.

As we progress, we will learn about these aging forces in more detail. We will then review how to eat well, exercise efficiently, supplement with powerful nutraceuticals, utilize effective stress reduction, and bio-identical hormone therapy as needed to enhance our health. We will learn how to live an anti-aging lifestyle.

Author: frankcomstock

I am a physician with an anti-aging medical practice in Tucson called Lifestyle Spectrum. I am the author of ANTIAGING 101: Course Manual

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